2018 Baja 1000

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Aug 25, 2018
actually that house was well built. at least for baja standards.
lumber and construction materials are a little pricey if you don't know where to look.
so whatever we've been using has been, donated, limited stock items, leftovers and smalley co in ontario
gave me a hundred gallon of some high end elastomeric paint all different colors, i had them mix it all up and that's the
color. it's has new roof on it, water system's ok, the sunken deck has been lifted,, outside painted, inside could use a little
touching up. never going to be my place so it's all good.......

decent sized kitchen and front room, all my homies and me like to eat, cook, drink, smoke and have a good time,
as far as i'm concerned it has the second best patio and view in that area. (my buddy's place above boat ramp wins first)
so it's been good so far...as long as you remember you're in mex.

if anyone is familiar with that town, you'll know of Castro's fishing place....
the house we have belongs to adella castro and is within 100 yards of the fish camp. (easy to find)
Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
I'm leaving Vegas crack of dawn on the 10th and plan to cross south mid day. first 4 days will be down in San Quintin. Then back up to ensenada. On race day we'll be south again. Coming back home Sunday after the race.
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Aug 25, 2018
so my baja trip is starting to look like a D.R trip and people are dropping out.
hell even my passenger bailed out before going....usually it's during the trip, could be the sing along
with celine dion IDK.

still prepping truck to go, swapped out 14" coil springs for 16", couldn't find some top ones in time.
just picked up harbor freight aluminum jack that'll be bouncin around in back.
all that's left is food, drinks, bedroll, couple turkeys for the locals.
some fishin gear(gotta check what's on the line now) at least some surf fishing stuff.
traveling light so far. got an open seat if anyone dares....

@Travisfab: what's your plan looking like? friday?

@charlie_brown: truck ready to roll? then let's go.

i got no definite departure date....maybe tuesday.
no plans.....wouldn't mind checking out contingency and seeing some people tho.
Aug 25, 2018
trying to leave tomorrow, my friend might be working contingency doing interviews and announcing possibly
on some stage. or i can weds and stay in town if possible or just roll home and do contingency for one day, but race rolls by at night or stay two nights then make a run to san felipe and watch during daytime there.
looks like i got to dig a tent out, i know some people in san felipe, they don't know i'm rolling up and don't want to put anybody out....everything always works out in baja
just remembered possible last minute air BnB?
Aug 25, 2018
so now it's ensenada tues, weds and then off to san felipe thursday night.
after that it's unknown...never been there so maybe i'll stay a few day and check it out,
then leave for home from there.

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