2072 Race Report McKenzies 250 2017

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Aug 13, 2007
So if you read my last race report you will know we had motor problems at RATR 2016. After some down time I posted a wanted add on here and a member offered up his complete 22re. Picked it up, swapped all my electronics over and installed it in April 2017 with the help of my Dad and Bigworm. We ran to Barstow for a shake down with the new motor and everything went smooth!


The next few weeks were spent prepping the truck. We decided to race the MORE McKenzie’s 250 in Lucerne. I take Friday off of work and spend the day packing up. Bearing the high 90 deg. Tempts, I gas up and depart from Riverside around 2pm.

I crest the Cajon Pass and get a left rear blow out on the motorhome.. F@#$!

Deal with that nonsense, get going again and meet my Dad off Bear Valley. He takes the flat to get a spare put on. I continue on and he eventually makes his way back to me and we caravan the rest of the way. We get to camp, Bigworm rolls up on cue, we unload the truck, head over to registration and get banded, get through tech and head back to camp. While unloading pit equipment we notice both dump cans were missing the hose plugs. My cheap Home Depot butt plugs un-threaded them self’s on the dirt road and dropped into the cans… F@$%! Instead of relaxing and going over strategies we spend our time draining 11 gallon dump cans looking for small nuts, bolts and washers. Get that handled and go to bed.


We wake up and go to the drivers meeting then back to camp where my Mom and a few of my buddies have just pulled up. I make a quick phone call to the Wife who was now 8 months prego and my 2 yr old son who had to sit this one out. We get geared up and head to staging. I make sure to give all the competitors a thumbs up and we get in line. The first 2 trucks in our class take off and we pull up with a Ford Ranger. Bigworm and I get a fist bump in and the green flag waves!

We are even off the line but I grab 2nd gear and check out on the ranger. It was a complete dust bowl. No breeze just hanging dust. Worm is calling off the shots on the gps and I’m just pushing as fast and safely as we can. We catch a 9 car right as we drop into a silt bed and get dusted out and way off pace. Finally charge back and get around them and some other cars. The course was very soft and silty so the entire first lap was just survival mode trying to see and not get stuck.

Coming into main we catch the S-10 truck that started ahead of us and get by him. We are now sitting in 2nd place physically! We hit the siren by the pits and get to start finish with the S-10 on our bumper.

We hammer down start of the 2nd lap to put some time on the truck behind us (who’s running a built chevy 4.3 btw) the entire 2nd lap we were just charging and the dust wasn’t as bad. We came into pits to get some fuel and a visual on the truck. We had a little confusion in the pits and instead of just a visual my Dad thought I wanted the guys to torque some lower arms bolts that were coming loose during testing so we spent about 3 min in the pits. As we pull out the S-10 gets around us.

We start the 3rd lap now on his bumper this time and he dusts us out. We charge and are now dealing with coming up on slower vehicles and faster vehicles coming up on us. We catch the S-10 in every rough technical section but he checks out in all the straights and washes. We came into this section on the pipe and JT Media was there to get the shot!

We came into a hard drop down left hander pretty hot and blast the right front tire on a rock. We pull over, Bigworm jumps out and says it’s a flat. I hop out and we get it changed out. Worm takes a piss, we get strapped back in radio we are coming in for a fresh spare. We pull in to pits get a new spare and a visual and back on course.

4th lap we were still in 3rd but figured we were too far down on time to do any better unless 1st and 2nd had problems so we just started having fun at that point. The truck was worn in and on rails! We knew the course well so we just started playing around, waiving and giving the siren to everyone on the sides rooting us on.

We pulled in the pits again for a visual and were so out of race mode that I had a side convo with my Mom while Bigworm and I were drinking some Gatorade and headed then headed out for the last lap.

5th & last lap. We decided to pick up the pace and see how fast we could turn this lap. Most of the faster classes had already finished so traffic and dust were minimal. We hammered down and rarely lifted the entire lap! The truck was working amazing, I stayed on it in the rougher sections where I lifted the previous laps to save the truck.

We took the checkered flag with a 3rd place finish and set 2nd fastest lap in class on that last lap.

All in all it was a great day of racing. We had a ton of fun! Having my Dad run the pit and talking with him over the race radio, having my Mom and Sister handing us liquids and clean rags while all my buddies were putting hands on the truck and my Wife and kid cheering us on is really what means the most. Getting everyone involved and creating memories!

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