91 Ranger build wtih 5.0

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Feb 26, 2008
Barstow ca.
here is a few pics I have of my build, did have alot more but lost them when I lost my phone years back...
started off with a 91 Ranger, 3.0 5 speed, cast beams bent and extended (sketchy I know) . fox 2.0x14 coilevers. the rest of the truck was stock minus front bumper, and glass all around.
built the bed cage when i was 15, 7 years ago. deaver f31 prerunner pack, Kuster 3.0 x14 shocks taken off our race truck. years later, decided the 3.0 wasnt enough power so swapped in a 96 EFI 5.0, 3 speed auto w/electronic overdrive.
shortly after that was going big in some dunes jumping, and snapped the cast beams (seen that coming)
got some threat motorsports race beams, all 3/16 chromolly with billet D-35 ends rebuilt/revalved front shocks mounted everything up, cycles 22 bumped and strapped.
in the mean time while waiting on beams to be built i caged the truck, went with master craft 3G's and mastercraft 5 point harness.
rebuilt and revalved the rear Kusters, bought a new Deaver f31 pack with snail wrap, slapped some 35's on it and it handles pretty dam good now!
hopefully going to link the truck in the near future with Dirt Designs lower links and ill build everything else.
as soon as DR lets me post pictures I will. I don't understand why I cant post any pictures.

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