92 F1 Build

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Aug 18, 2008
San Diego, Ca
Nice work fellas. I'm enjoying the videos! Just curious why you didn't put a bend in the center of the skidplate to match the top tube of the bumper?
That was the plan from the get. But, I dont have a brake to do something like that, and didnt want to have to deal with taking it somewhere to have them put a brake in it for me and have to take the bumper with me to make sure everything lined up correctly. My only option was the Swag setup for a 20 ton press and the skid wouldnt fit inside their brake width wise so i said fuck it, youll never see the top of the skidplate to that tube anyways. Its tucked under the "bash bar" that the light bar sits on top of and covers it. Kinda wish i was able too, kinda dont care since its probably gonna get smashed at somepoint anyways HAHA!
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Aug 18, 2008
San Diego, Ca
Most recent video my brother and I did. More working, less talking. Just trying to get shit done really on my end haha. I am putting alot of time in on this truck to get it finished now and the final detail things are so tedious haha! Cant wait to drive this truck... Right now im just focusing on getting everything in the truck that needs to be wired so its ready for that. Still need to add a second switch pro's and a few little things in the dash still. Front end should be together this week though which will be rad

Dec 19, 2013
San Diego
I call it ego spray. Makes it look cooler when you wipe it down with wd

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Naw dog, the wd bonds to the metal and strengthens it.

spraying W-40 on the freshly welded bed support... any reason for that? Just wondering if I am not aware of a cool trick
Its just for looks, we just did it in the video for eye candy.
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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Cool vid.

Not a metal working guy, but my initial thoughts were may be good for temp oiling if near the coast/ salty environment.

buddies of mine in SD would drench their stand up jetski engine bays with WD-40 to repel the salt water.
clean the heck out of em once home and drench again for storage. little bit of an extra clean up process but would be mint looking and corrosion free for always riding in salt water.

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