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Dec 19, 2013
San Diego
Here are the two latest videos on the truck. Christian and I have been putting in some time getting this backhalf together, and we are super pumped with the outcome. Huge thank you to linexsandiego and anocote powder for getting down on the linex and powdercoating on the truck. Now that the backhalf is together we are at sort of a stand still. The truck is going to wiring in about a month and until then there is not a whole lot we can do. We know we have to get the dash wrapped and finish up a few little things on the truck...but thats about it. We are debating painting the truck before it gets wired or not but besides that, its going to be a slow month for us. Hope you guys enjoy the videos!


Expert Member
Jan 2, 2012
Lakeside, CA
Thing is coming out top notch doods!
I dig the front valance under the headlights definitely looks cleaner imo. Linex turned out super cleen good idea.

Couple suggestions, take em or leave whatever.

The vent for your fuel cell i would run to the highest point you can then back down to the lowest point at the back of the truck. Im sure you have a rollover valve but i personally would not trust that alone if God forbid you ever end up on the lid.

Paint everything you possibly can before you wire the truck its a bitch after, ask me how i know.

Make sure you have absolutely everything that needs wired in place, those guys don't like guesswork.

Make sure when you get the dash wrapped you have them cut all the holes for you.

RTV the rear hub seals and let it cure before you put gear oil in.

Cant wait to see this thing rollin' . cheers
Dec 19, 2013
San Diego
For those interested...truck is finally getting wired! Super pumped to have EJWireworks wire the truck for us, it is coming out so awesome! Its super nice seeing things actually working after all this time sitting on the truck. Truck will be home in a few days, hopefully we will be able to start it soon after! Also had happy upholstery in el cajon wrap the dash and it came out super clean. Very happy (get it?) that we decided to have it wrapped. Beyond pumped, can't wait to grind out the next couple of weeks and hopefully hear the truck after all this time.


the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
Pitman arm pullers usually scare the crap outta me. But I used my new Milwaukee high impact 1/2" gun and it zapped the pitman arm off in a second or two. I was amazed how effortlessly it worked.
Aug 18, 2008
San Diego, Ca
Latest video on getting the truck back from wiring! Super pumped to have the entire truck powered up now! Still a gooood list of things to get done before we can get it started, but we will be chipping away at it! I have been putting alot of my focus into the ranger ive been building over the last few weeks but this trucks going to get some love coming up!

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