98 Ranger First Build

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the bodj

1st post pg805
Mar 4, 2010
Cool! If the motor doesn't clear, you should move the outer tie rod heim below the lower tab and double shear it, then cut off the upper tab. Then I believe you can move the swinger assembly lower by the same amount without adversely affecting anything. (Key words are "I think" lol)


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Nov 9, 2010
National City, CA
Some updates. I got the shackles for the steering all done and welded up. Had to hold off on working on the steering until I dropped in the motor so I can see if the center link was going to clear.

I started getting the motor and transmission set up to put it in as one and then realized that I actually needed to get the cullhane flywheel to mate up the c4 to the 4.0sohc so I had to go pick one up.

Then I was going to mount the motor but ended up picking up some 3.0x10" 4 tube bypasses for the front and I needed to change up the shock mounts on one side

So I got all that done and finally got the motor and trans in and started on the trans crossmember.

Also decided to move up to 37s, got a BFG kr2 and some method wheels. I just need to find a few more tires.
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