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Senior Member
Mar 29, 2017
That’s a difficult area to cleanly tie-in your bumpstop mount.

The mounting scheme you have looks legit and plenty strong. If you end up hating it, cut it off and put a vertical tube there and tie into that...

Keep the updates(and Beer) flowing. We will play bumper trucks one of these days!
Jan 29, 2002
Yuma, Az
This has been way to much work! As much as we want to be racing this and going we know how much is left, between the parts still needed and fabricated. This isn't getting built with a credit card so cant rush much, when it's done we are hoping to be competitive and reliable so want to make sure it's not a bunch of half assness

Got the rear let's put back together this weekend, PJ is getting the third member assembled and ordered a TCI Pro-X tail shaft housing so I can finish the trans mount

Next on the list-
Need to order headers(cheapest we can find are $400)
Finish 2nd spare tire mount
Radiator mount (most likely will be mounted in the rear)
Mount steering Ram

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