Bad Decisions semi-DD OBS F-150

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Taco Bill

Senior Member
Apr 11, 2012
Glendale, CA
Been thrashing on this thing non-stop, totally didn't even think to update the build. My bad.

Here's a super mega update for you:

Adapted some Jamar masters to the factory pedal assembly

Clearanced the firewall so I can tuck 39's

Finished the engine cage

Made some fender supports

Did a bunch of wiring to move all of the electronics from the engine bay to the cab

Painted the beams and engine cage

Machined up some chromoly weld washers

Made some custom brake resis and plumbed the brakes

Trimmed some fiberglass

Bought a steering wheel

Test fitting everything and cleaning up


Taco Bill

Senior Member
Apr 11, 2012
Glendale, CA
good lord, looks great.
How wide is this thing?
Thanks! 97-98 inches wide

^^ looks really good!

39's are huge. wondering how much turn you are gonna get before you hit shit like core support at full bump!
Thank you! I did enough clearancing to get full steering, lock to lock - even at full bump. By full bump, I mean metal to metal.

Thanks! It definitely took a fair bit of work and head scratching, hoping it works well.
Likes: the bodj

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