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Jan 2, 2012
Lakeside, CA
Well i have been a member on dr for awhile now and have spent time reading others threads. I finally made the stupid decision to build a serious truck. I decided to make a build thread to keep my motivation up, get questions answered, answer questions, and keep track of all the fun.

Basics are about 5 months ago...

I picked up a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4.0 Liter Auto 170,000 miles

Named Betty aka #thegreenhornet

it was in pretty good shape but did have some heavy oxidized paint tires were bald and the power windows didn't work. My plan is to keep all the stock comforts of the truck and keep as much of the interior intact as i can.

Since i got the truck i started collecting parts.

What I have for the truck so far:

- 1993 OHV V6 4.0
- C4 Transmission
- Art Carr Gate Shifter
- Jaz 22 Gallon Fuel Cell
- Tranny coolers

- Camburg 4.5 over Unequal Beams and heimed radius arms
- Single Swing steering
- Fox 3.0 14" Coilovers
- Fox 2.5 Bump Stops
- Wilwood Hubs 5x5.5 5/8 studs
- McNeil 6" fenders OG 3 Piece
- Autofab Hood and Hood pins

- Giant 4 Link
- Tubeworks Ford 9" full floater
- Camburg 2.5" Hubs 5/8 studs 5x5.5
- Wilwood 6 Piston calibers
- McNeil 6" Bedsides
- Fox 3.0 14" Coilovers
- Fox 3.5 5 tube Bypass
- Fox 2.5 Bump stops

- BFG 35" Projects
- Outlaw II's
- Hezco Bucket seats
- Icon Race radio

Now Some Pictures

The day i picked her up


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Jan 2, 2012
Lakeside, CA
now that's a fun ass puzzle! haha
Thats the plan, Have fun get frustrated have fun drink beer have fun. drive the truck break the truck FUN

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Yeah I had one a long time ago then forgot the password and finally made one again so I can start a thread whenever I gather enough parts and all that! And sweet probably see you this weekend!
Badass sounds like ill see you there. CJ going?

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