Bronco Sin Nombre!

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Jan 18, 2006
Seal Beach, CA
Now that I'm back at work after my time off, I'm bored so heres an update...

Days from last update: 20
Hours worked on Bronco Sin Nombre: 3...

Took some time off for family time over the holidays. Went to Phoenix with my entire immediate family plus extras, then drove to Vegas to visit more family on the way back. Was gone about a week. Worked out a deal to get me a full uninterrupted day of working on the bronco, only to get a call from my sister, desperately trying to find an "indiana jones type vehicle" for a music video she was shooting the next day... So bronco day never came. Instead I tracked down a vehicle, got it cleaned up and loaded, drove it out to Cook's Corner and drove it around the area for a few hours. Was actually a fun day, and even cool having my wife and son around as they don't really get to see me work. I mostly just coordinated logistics and consulted on everything pertaining to the vehicle. Neither the band nor production team has ever really done anything with a vehicle of this caliber. So a lot of the planned shots were boring. I fixed that. Ill post the video when its done (I'm not editing it) but i may do a quick edit from just the car footage.








This past weekend my wife went back to work so I was home with the boy. He napped, I went outside to work on the bronco. Starting tearing down the front clip to make it easier to work on the motor/suspension. I also started to mock up the fender supports that Travis (travisfab) made, which I got from Travis (s00tlyfe), as well as the cowl hood I got from Travis (tchajagos). Still got a lot of work to do on it but its all coming off again so I can finish the motor/suspension work. I also sent approval for the shock mounts to get cut.










Last night after work I had the house to myself for an hour or so, so I went to the garage and made up some nut plates for the hood. I was first going to get all crazy with these but no one will ever see them....

Garage time: 1 hour
Music: Sabaton (if you like metal and/or history and don't know these guys, do yourself a favor and give a listen)
Beverages Consumed: 1 RoadRaper of water (i know, but i wasn't feeling well)
Expletives Yelled: 1 long quiet "mother fucker" from realizing an obvious oversight...
Tools Used: Horizontal Band Saw, Drill Press, Belt Sander, Ratchet and 10mm socket (yes, i still have one, ONE), Milwaukee Marker, and Combo Square
Attire: Same work clothes/shoes I wore to the office, with on old General Tire hoodie.

Easy Peasy. 2" strap. 2 holes drilled at 6" spread, kissed the corners on the belt sander, reused the nut clips from the stock hood (had to notch the piece a bit for these to fit, insert "mooother fuuucker") DONE. didn't even paint. Though i will when i pull it back apart. Didn't turn out half bad actually.


Oh, and my prop valve and front brake lines showed up.



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