Can i convert an old Ivan Dan kit to coilovers?

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Senior Member
Oct 21, 2007
phelan, ca
I ran an Ivan Dan kit for yrs with swayaway torsions and dual white rockets per side and it did good. Im not that hard on my truck, so for how I drove/drive and what I use it for, it did great. I did ball joints on it every yr just out of precaution, and had a couple of issues of the bottom arm cracking where the ball joints mounted to (common issue). If it were me I'd run a bypass in there if it'll fit.

One of the best handling little toyotas Ive seen (not racing) was a dude with a single cab yota, TC kit on torsions and bypasses, deavers out back, etc. This was "back in the day" at one of the old night races, that guy was jamming all over the desert in that thing and it handled great. Very impressive.

Depending on how hard youre planning on running the truck, put a 2.0 C/O up front. Should give you a little extra room so youre not contacting the upper arm with the coils at droop.

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