Dezert or bust. 87 Single cab Yota rehab.

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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Picked up a new truck. its a 1987 toyota prerunner. Caged front to rear, and long traveled front and back.
appears to be an Old Desolate Motorsports truck. even has the company logos and phone numbers still on the doors. Not sure if this truck was ever finished but it looks like its been sitting for at least 10 years in someones side yard with no windshield.

Crusty and rusty, rat droppings galore, looks like something got eaten and shredded to pieces inside. wiring sitting on floor boards, spiders, etc, etc.
a project.

Here are some of the sweet dez parts

has Stock 22r
stainless long tube headers
ivan dan long travel
fabtech lift spindles
total chaos billet cross shafts
downey steering idler and brace
16" king 2.5 dual rate coils in front
18" king 2.5 remote resi in rear
Deaver F55 long travel leaf pack
12in shackles, over frame pivot
jaz 22 gal fuel cell
prp low back buckets
hanneman front fiberglass hood and fenders
strapped front and rear

will be posting progress as it comes, here are a few photos


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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Here is the current staus of the yota. have been working on it for about two weeks before i started this thread so last post is beginning of build. since then i have removed the dead animals, the garbage, got a windshield, and worked on getting it started first thing.

After a few used starters, and finally a new one. some basic wiring, bypass the fuel celln ( fresh gas ), new positive cable, and a battery she starts! spit chunks of dirt and rat droppings out the exhaust. Its ALIVE! engine sounded good too. was great until oil pump started spraying oil everywhere lol.

new oil pump, and all new cooling system parts ( totally gunked up, flushed engine block ). putting the motor to rest for now and starting on the process of removing the crust, and making it a respectable looking truck. im sure my neighbors hate looking at this thing, so polishing and painting the side of the truck that faces the street first lol.

heres a few more photos


Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Out looking over the truck and suspension parts this morning. noticing the positive camber on the wheels, and obvious wear on the tires.

upper arms are notched to accept the coils, however they are making contact with the coil at its current strapped length. Not only is there little usable downward travel, the wheel camber is at full negative adjustable limit.

either this truck originally was torsion setup with a larger camber shim stack, or was eating tires with terrible front geometry this whole time. either way it looks like moving the lower shock tabs inward on the lower control arm may solve the issue and provide more usable wheel travel. any input out there?

heres what it looks like.


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Mar 4, 2010
Build new uppers.. You'll kill a lot of birds with one stone. Ditch the cross shaft and go to heims, ditch the upper balljoint and go to uniball and possibly gain some travel, and you can make it clear the coil.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe turboyota is selling a pretty solid kit that would work great on here (for like $600 I think?)

Can't find the price without coilovers...
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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Sweet thanks for the reply, going full uniball would be sick and be better overall i agree. My dilema is a lack of a workshop and tools at the moment. moved from San Diego area.

The ivan dan kit for sure is not as built as some others out there, but alot to be said for going minimally invasive on this build. Working on a shoe string budget throwing money as it comes.

Goal at the moment is 1st bring this truck back from the grave, hopefully make it a street legal and a drivable platform and go from there. i may just remove the lower arms and try and find a local welder mount new shock tabs for now. or even throw some torsions on. as together as it looks it actually needs just about everything.

just picked up a used oe engine wiring harness, will be doing a harness swap and re routing the wiring back to stock. Wish me luck!

did check out turbo yotas ad, that rear u bolt delete is pretty impressive. not a bad front kit either, surprised he's parting it out. looked like a fairly finished truck, even has a photo mid air. jealous.

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