Dezert or bust. 87 Single cab Yota rehab.

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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
^^Noted. ive seen em off on several trucks, wasn't sure if it was because of a manual proportioner or not.

Also what about a metering block for these drum brakes? looks like lines were tampered with to work around the tubing. they are tweaked for one, and just go direct to fronts, and proportioning block at the rear frame. is it necessary? thinking of redoing it for safety.

Another thing i found is if you attach a stock rear rubber brake line inline with a stock front brake line. you get junkyard express extended brake lines. most braided lines are trash from what i have seen unless you go nice.
Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Negative on the bedsides, got hung up on the engine/carb stuff. Plus neighbors walked onto the property to give me crap about the truck noise few days ago and told me to stop working on it. HA! told them i was sorry, and to politely kick rocks and get off the property.

Only violation you could be cited for on private property in LA is basically having a non driving vehicle, and or a dis mantled vehicle. as long as its registered, starts, and is assembled, good luck. Sheriff would need to physically observe loud noise to follow through with a noise complaint as well to my understanding.

Neighbors are gona love when my brother gets his rx7 back from rebuild and we start 2 stepping in front of their house shooting flames toward their front door. Cul de sac car meet soon. louder the cars the better.

on the next to do list
-fill rear shocks with nitro
-get used junkyard axle with bearing attached ( 35$ LKQ ) cheaper than a new bearing. plus can be removed with a single wrench and some bolt cutters.
-trouble shoot brakes
-front shock tabs relocate
-Train horn mod for the neighbors
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Brake update, they still suck.

Bled through a whole large bottle of brake fluid. super flush.

from farthest bleeder to the closest bleeder to master cylinder. No change, did see a couple bubbles come out, that was good, but they feel like manual brakes. so checked the booster.

booster seems to be holding vacuum when un plugging the vacuum line, but does not depress the pedal when starting. Master cylinder may be the culprit, and potential brake booster issue.

close to nothing on this truck has come back to life on this rehab. but shes getting there. at least the motor has compression and the trans syncros feel good but thats about it so far. This truck definitely got ridden hard and put away wet. Had removed an entire dixie cup full of sand off the motor when doing the weber carb swap. haha
some more shots. wiring looks like hell, had to pull it down to work around. mostly dead plug ends.

the block of mahogony is a temporary spacer for now, gona raise the dash a bit and make it flush with the bar. will be large enough to accept a small round gauge directly to it.

surround for the main cluster is next, also not liking that big as hole i made for map pocket. was trying to come up with a glove box alternative. may cut a new piece use this as a template, bail the idea.

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