Dezert or bust. 87 Single cab Yota rehab.

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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Finished steering minus damper, 5/8 carbide masonry bit was used. drilled through the centerlink with ease.

Found a local shop to fill the rear shocks with nitro. $20 for the pair. good deal. 4 wheel specialties unlimited.

still need to work on brakes but zip tied the resis for now and drove back streets to 7/11. victory arizona iced tea test drive and Sum carb tuning.
Was backfiring on decel, like gun fire loud. opened up the throttle plate a bit for more air flow when throttle plate slaps shut, seemed to help alot.

Been lagging on the yota project, work, holidays, etc.

Waiting for good weather to finish painting fenders.

Some progress tho.

-New Brake master installed, she now stops! yay.
-Rear wiring harness cleaned up and wrapped
-working brake and running lights.
-little to no backfire out of the tail pipe after some small tweaks, timing and carb adj.

Still needs a rear wheel bearing. sounds pretty bad, and Steering is a dog too. trying to problem solve the issue.

The positive camber it has + fabtech spindles + 15x8 lug centric wheels = large positive scrub radius. If i could dial the camber it will help, also 15x7 wheels or less offset in the front would make a big difference.

Picture isnt perfectly accurate, but gives a rough idea where its at.

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