Dezert or bust. 87 Single cab Yota rehab.

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Feb 14, 2006
Santa Clarita
Just watch how close the ifp is to the hose end. If you start leaking a bit of oil the gap can close and it is a bear to get the seal head off if you're low on oil. You have to end up taking the reservoir off the cap to release the pressure and slide the shaft assembly out. I set mine about half way.
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May 13, 2012
This too ^ I usually push the ifp back in with the hose side end cap about an 1-1.5" then the seal head moves it in a little more. It's better to be safe than blow up your shock.

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Jan 31, 2005
I think your thinking of Travis Fabs white toyota build.....I don't have time to dig around for the build thread though.
I thought it was him also but I went and searched all his posts the other day and did not come across it so I started questioning myself. It does not help that he is a mod so EVERY thread has him due to him helping move to the new site.
Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
ok, good to know. seems like the reservoir is more technical than it would appear.

just a thought but an oversized reservoir could potentially reduce the overall movement of the IFP, ( same force applied, larger diameter piston, less distance traveled) it could make its initial positioning less critical.

well lets see if they hold a charge. left about a 60/40 area for both nitro and oil. more nitro than oil. i believe im within the operating zone but questionable at this point. will position top caps away from the truck in case they pop the tops and update back when i get a chance to put some abuse on them.

Also got some update photos on the rear fenders from @the bodj today. Sooo happy with the initial progress. right out of the gate going above and beyond my expectations tying into the cab cage for extra strength. Clean execution and a good start in my opinion. Keep up the good work, was looking for an emoji with a guy foaming from the mouth but no success. lol.



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Jul 11, 2005
Ventura, California
Your IFP is in the middle ish, you should be good. When you put them back together you cycle them by hand and make sure they compress and extend, if they do that you should have no issues.

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Jan 19, 2010
Woodland Hills, Ca
Truck made it back home today from @the bodj truck looks great. rear glass installed, Downey muffler installed, and structural x brace behind rear window. its back looking and sounding a heck of alot better than it did when it rolled out. Great job, super happy with the results. time to get this thing one color, and start working on the front end. :cool:


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