Different Link Configurations, Pros & Cons?

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Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
for what it's worth to you... i've run a triangulated 3 link & now have converted to a standard 4-link.
It's just less stress on the components (I was breaking bolts on the upper heim with my geometry.
I also like that if I ever fail an upper link for whatever silly-ass reason, the whole truck is still constrained laterally. When you break a 3-link upper, your truck will flop over to one side and break more shit.


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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
^^ good points. why not share the load across 2x rod ends...

Curious to hear more about link geometry barge was talking about. I feel like my uppers wear out heims too fast and must be taking more stress than ideal. I haven't really dug into the geometry of it all...

And mine aren't straight off front of axle either. I think more around like 45*?


Junior Member
Mar 24, 2017
Well you guys pretty well answered my question. I was under the assumption that the DD link might offer more road friendly characteristics with the pan hard bar, but its mostly for states that have emmision testing a crap. I bought this ranger relatively cheap as someones half finished project, and it came with a few goodies such as eight 1-1/4" heims and and the upper link bracket on the axle side from ruff stuff. Last winter my big project was building a 4x4 plasma table so ill be fabbing all my own parts. I havent decided on link lengths yet because i want to see where the 5.3/th350 sits once i get it mocked into place. Also while i got your attention what is an achievable and exceptable angle between the uppers with these narrow frame rails. I dont see how 45° could be achieved without bracketry well beyond the outside of the frame rail.


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Mar 24, 2017
I would skip the tree-fiddy and go to a 400. Edit: or better yet a 4L80.

But yeah, having the motor and tans in place will help you get all your mounts in the correct place.
I would agree but I have a freshly rebuilt 350 and 2500 TCI converter from another project that never came to fruition. I might as well give it a shot and see if it holds.

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