Do you still trust Craftsman tools?

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Mar 29, 2017
I bought my first Craftsman set 21 years ago. I’m still using the same Craftsman sockets, philips screwdrivers, and open end wrenches.

I have broken the 3/8” and 1/2” drive ratchets, so they were replaced by my local Yucaipa Ace Hardware. Replacements don’t say USA and the ratcheting mechanism feels cheaper, rougher, and more cumbersome. I am disappointed with the lack of quality.

Broken lots of these. Not sure if the replacements are USA made. Since replacements are free and convenient, it is nice that every flat screwdriver functions as a chisel, pry bar, pick, alignment tool, and scraper.

Breaker bars:
I have broken 2 of these. Both times I was jumping on a 3ft chromoly tube extension slid over the 1/2” breaker bar handle. Not sure if replacements are USA made, but they might be...

I have only broken a couple sockets over the years. I had turned down the outside diameter of one of the broken sockets—it was replaced no questions asked. I use the standard sockets almost daily in my HF Earthquake impact gun with no ill effects.

Ratcheting open end wrenches:
Excellent quality. I have the angled reversible variety. Excellent product. (I have broken a 3/4” Gear Wrench branded one)

Pliers, dikes, etc...:
All good, all still function well.

Tool boxes:
Had the same rollaway boxes since 1999. Non-ball bearing drawer slides fail rather rapidly and require drawer disassembly and tube up.
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Jan 31, 2005
My first ever tool set was one of the craftsman combos. Still using them to this day (20+ yrs).

My story is like above. They all work great. Broke items by abusing. (Cheater bars, jumping on them or running them on 1/2 inch impacts) always been replaced at sears. Was young so never paid attention to where made or the function. If it works then I am good. Screw drivers the same. Us them as pry bars and that.

As Turbo mentioned they are now at Ace so not really worried about replacements moving forward.


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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
i never cared for their ratchets. i like matco or snap on there but their shit still breaks. the 80 or 88 tooth ratchet stuff is the only part i like.

sockets i have snap on, craftsman, husky, harbor freight and mac. they all do the same job well and never gave me an issue. cracked a snap on, it was warrantied. cracked two craftsman, they were warrantied.

i have husky and craftsman screw drivers. wasnt gunna spend the cash on snap on or matco cause these work damn fine over the years as Turbo has pointed out.

combo wrenches, i have gear wrench, snap on, craftsman, and husky. for an open end, i prefer the snap on. They do not want to flex around a nut or bold and you can really crank on them without worrying about rounding them off. Otherwise the box end works just the same as them all. i use the cheaper ones when i double up for more torque cause i dont give a fuck about marring up the open ended part. i have mastered not fucking my hands up doing this too lol.

at this point i either buy snap on/matco or i buy harbor freight. i use to be an auto tech years ago and only bought snap on or matco cause they were convenient and that weekly payment shit gets ya but fuck paying their prices on certain shit that harbor frieght shit gets done easy or you only need a time or two. All the new craftsman shit ive seen and used feels like cheap chinese shit at american pricing, might as well just buy harbor freight. Doesnt help a good friend of mine owns a snap on route/truck now that ive been out of the auto tech loop for years.
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Taco Bill

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Apr 11, 2012
Glendale, CA
Thanks for doin the surveys and these responses!

I have been using Craftsman for years too, which is why I took a personal interest in the brand's future. Good news is Stanley Black&Decker bought them out last year and they have plans for Craftsman. Stanley Black&Decker is the number 1 world tool market share holder so they have the chops to do it right.

Taco Bill

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Apr 11, 2012
Glendale, CA
So I guess between when I posted this and this morning, Sears has officially filed Chapter 11...

Craftsman is in good hands, but they have some other tool brands to compete with at Stanley Black&Decker... I know the topic of ownership of individual tool brands comes up a lot in conversation in our circles, so here's some info on the facts.

Mar 17, 2017
San Marcos, CA
crazy timing! I have everything from sockets, screwdrivers and wrenches. I have had a lot of luck. Cheaper than snap-on or MAC but still decent enough to not piss me off. Most of the cheaper HF shit i have bought angered me or broke to shit after one use. For me, as a "weekend warrior" it is really hard to justify the spend on Snap-on stuff

good luck with survey! i did it for you.
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Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
I guess I should say... Any craftsman tool failure I've experienced has been well deserved due to my abuse of the tool. I'm a weekend warrior though as well. I have a mix of Craftsman and Husky tools and have basically no complaints. 20+ years of use on them. I don't use them daily all day though like a pro...
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