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Jan 22, 2002
Cant find my subscribed threads? Anyone else having problems? They are not in the watched threads.
I think anything you were subscibed to before the switch did not convert. Anything from here on will show up in there. If you need to find your old threads you can use the search bar at the top and click on advanced search. You can then search username or keywords of the old threads and should be able to find them. If you have a problem let me know.
Same goes for old links. It would of been nice if everything would convert but things don’t work that way or it would of been months to make this switch happen not a week.

Any thought to removing most of the old posts so we can start fresh Just a thought
Yes I have but where do you draw the line? What stays and goes? Maybe we can prune down some sections but there are millions of posts and a few hundred thousand threads, that would be a monumental task. Haha. Plus then isn’t it just a new forum at that point? I know there are tons of crap posts but also really good ones as well. Lots of history and information. I could maybe limit the age of posts seen in forums but they are still searchable? Eventually as new posts are made the older ones will fade to the back unless currently relevant. Open to suggestions..

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