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Hello all! Just joining from west michigan. I'm 26, and work in asphalt testing while going back to school for Mechanical Engineering.

I have already seen a few local friends on here, but I was referred to the site by Jebusthegreat. I actually bought his old truck back in March and road tripped it home to MI.

The truck was still in excellent shape, but I've already destroyed the trans, had to rebuild the driveshaft, beef up the bed supports that were broken, and I currently am replacing the axle I bent. The paint on the bedsides has also seen better days

I've got plans to finish the truck from where it was probably intended to go. Eventually (probably after I graduate again) it will get a backhalf and linked, a motor swap, and a few other upgrades. While I do drive it around occasionally, it is primarily a toy for me.

If anybody knows more of the history of this truck before or after Eric owned it I'd love to hear about it, otherwise I'll be around asking questions or just hanging out. I'd also love to see pictures of the truck!

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Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
Holy smokes. I'm from Michigan (Jackson county) and the 2nd off road truck I ever road in was this exact one (from Jebusthegreat).

That's ridiculous.

Please keep this truck nice. I know Eric had that thing super clean before he sold it. Also, tune those rear shocks. He never did and it rode way harsh in the back.
Did you live out in Cali when you rode in it?

And it's still pretty nice. Unfortunately I bent the rear axle and the replacement is a little rusty. But it will only be there a few years until I backhalf it and put in a 9".

I definitely plan to tune the rear end. It bucks a lot unless I'm going quite fast over things. They'll probably need a rebuild or at least a recharge first though

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