Gear Ratio advice?

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Jan 18, 2006
Fullerton, CA
Go 5.14’s, and if RPMs are still higher than you like, you can justify 37’s or 39’s!
I like this idea or the 4.86 (or whatever it was barge said), if it was my toy, I would want to change out gear sets as least as possible, so the strongest set in the bunch sounds good to me. specially if you plan to never run 37's or 39's
Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
I've got about half an inch of clearance pulling in my garage with the light bar down on 35's. As much as I'd love to go to 37s it just isn't going to happen unfortunately. And before someone says different house, LOL, screw you! I'm close to having mine paid off and owning it outright!
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Aug 10, 2004
i have a totally different set up and i think differently about this.
4.0 sohc auto 5 speed 5r55e 35" 9" with 5"83. dont remember my dyno sheets but i am under 200 hp and torq to the rear wheels.
been over 110 mph on baja highways no problem. i figure i spend 80% of my time at or below 50 mph preruning and with 2 wheel drive, i want to make up for hp and pull the gnarly silt hills like coming out of mikes this last years baja 500. californis/ nevada arizona has nothing like it.


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Feb 12, 2010
Our single cab 1980 f150 norra race truck runs 4.10s on 35s. It has a C6 and we wanted more top end. The 600hp big block pushes it pretty quickly down the road 100+ mph. And 0-60 is pretty quick still.
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Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
C6 is a 3 speed right? Makes sense to me.

Well, I'm going 4.88's eventually... If anyone saw the other thread about slapping a 3rd member back together. When that one finally gets rebuilt that's the one I'll actually slap the gears in and then I'll trade the 3rd out of my F150 with the 6.0's in it to use in the race truck and we'll rebuild that 3rd with 4.88s and I'll toss that one in my truck.

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