Go fast-ish 1-ton 545ci 79' Bronco.

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Mar 30, 2008
Bumfuck Idaho
Although my rig isn't an all-out go fast style build, it will see some air and quite a bit of time in the sand. My goal is a good all around KOH style Bronco, something I can bash on in the dunes then hit some trails on the way home. I'm on a somewhat limited budget so it wont be rapid progress by any means, but i'll update this as I chug along.

A little background...

I got the go-fast bug from my Father. Growing up in the back seat of his Bronco has me slightly attached to the old iron 78/79's. I fallowed his lead when I was 16 and bought a 79' of my own. Back then the only thing "going fast" was the money in my wallet and gas in the tank... so a "prerunner" style build was a little out of my league. I ended up with a run of the mill mud truck, 39's a 429ci and some half ton axles. It became immediately apparent that 1/2 tons were not up to the task of handling the torque of 429. After a grenaded 9" I forked out the cash for some 2003 Superduty 1-Ton axles. I'm lucky enough to have Jim Cole of Cage Offroad/Bloody Knuckle Garage as my brothers father in-law and close family friend, so I got a screaming deal on some radius arms/coils/coil buckets/dual shock hoops. Around the same time I had Gannin of "generation Transmissions" build a pretty bullet-proof C6 for it. Then I swapped a twin-stick Np205 in place of the chain drive Np203, and did a Sky shackle flip in the rear with a custom shock hoop, keeping them out of the tub. I ran it like this for about 6 months, made a few trips to the dunes and TSF and it performed awesome! On the last day before I shipped out for boot camp I threw a rod through the pan. Unfortunately I have been stationed in Japan for the last 2 years so its been sitting untouched patiently waiting for some attention...

[FONT=Lucida Grande, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]The new 545ci Stroker specs:
-Lunati Voodoo forged 4340 crankshaft (4.5 stroke)
-Lunati Voodoo forged 4340 H-beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 bolts
-Diamond Racing forged pistons (.030 bore w/Cobra Jet valve reliefs)
-Diamond Racing file fit plasma moly rings
-King HP/XP bearings
-Ford Super Cobra Jet aluminum heads w/ port job and bowl blending
-Lunati roller rockers
-Lunati solid flat tappet cam/lifters
-High Flow Dynamics Street/Strip oil pump
-Weiand Stealth SCJ intake
-L&L 3/4 length headers matched to SCJ ports
-Lunati 9-key billet timing set
-Full MSD igntion (pro-billet dizzy/6AL/coil/wires)
-11:1 compression
-ARP head bolts
-Champion 4-core radiator w/ dual fans
-Predator carb (temporary)

Should be around 650+ Hp and 700+ torque

I also ordered:
40x13.5-17 Goodyear Mtr Kevlar's
17x8.5 Walker Evans Racing Beadlocks
Autofab 3" bulge front fenders
Autofab 4" bulge quarters

Plans for the future include full cage, coilovers up front, bypasses in the rear, new interior, bumps and straps.
I want it to sit as low as possible on the 40's while maintaining some decent travel numbers.

Heres a collection of pictures from when I got it until now

Who said pigs cant fly?

And where i'm at now

I havent been stateside in 2 years, so i'm pretty excited about tearing back into it!

thanks for looking!


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Aug 30, 2009
this rig looks really familiar...did you used to post on FSB?

Your engine build sounds evil. Should be fun, my old Bronco on leafs sprangs, tons and 40s was "fast" with just a stock 351...can't imagine with all that extra power and shocks how much fun you'll have!
Mar 30, 2008
Bumfuck Idaho
Won-ton, I used to be on FSB but i've been moving more towards the go-fast stuff so I made the move over here! Thanks, the motor should be a hand-full, just gotta get the suspension on the same level now!

Well after 2 years i'm finally back home! It felt like Christmas came early this year coming home to a shop full of boxes... the Bronco was looking pretty rough, after sitting 2 years in the PNW. I took a pressure washer to it and knocked the moss off.

then I started the tear down for new fenders/paint

I couldnt help myself, had to mock up the front fenders too see how it looks. should look good on 40's with 2"-3" or so less lift.

Then we laid out the plans for the rear quarters, and cut the stock quarters up... no turning back now!

Then I worked on porting/gasket matching the Super Cobra Jet heads

then mocked up the heads and cycled it with an adjustable pushrod to get the pushrod lengths.

and a picture of the carnage from the old motor...

Should have the motor stuffed this weekend, and fired up next weekend!
Mar 30, 2008
Bumfuck Idaho

I ended up getting the motor together, and fired up last weekend. The cam broke in without any issues and then we re-assembled the heads with the inner valve springs installed and re-torqued the head bolts. I'll try and get some videos of it running uploaded soon, It sounds pretty good with open headers!

(ignore the fan wiring, it was temporary to get the cam broken in while I was waiting on the harness)

I got two of the tires in and could help but play with the stance and see what it may look like. Just waiting on the other two tires and wheels so I can throw these on!

should look awesome! I may have it sit a bit lower if I can, as long as I can tuck the 40's!
Mar 30, 2008
Bumfuck Idaho
A few little updates, the Bronco is now down with me in Idaho. I got a lot of the odds and ends that needed sorted out done and got it street worthy. Hopefully I can get exhaust installed this week!

Here's a video of it running! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlzCHd0Fw2A

And here's some pictures of my progress...

wheels and tires mounted up

hood trimmed up

My son Steele has been waiting 7 months to get behind the wheel!
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