High nitrogen pressure causing high ride height

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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
Here’s one I’m trying to figure out. Back end of my rig is light. Runs a 100 over 200 spring setup on 14” stroke 2.0 shocks with a .012 compression stack but the 1.600 and 1.425 disc are .010 with a .010 flutter under them. Rebound has .008 full stack. Right now, I have 0 preload in the shocks to get 50/50 ride height and nitrogen at 250psi fully extended with 1:1 motion ratio

That said, the nitrogen is holding the ass end up way higher than actual spring pressure. Obviously nitrogen will want to increase ride heigh some but this is 3” higher than if you took all the nitrogen out and just used springs to hold it up. Normally I wouldn’t give a shit but the moment you add 75-100lbs to the back with gear/cooler, the rear end drops dramatically.

I have not played with nitrogen pressure yet but I’m curious how low you guys think I can go before cavitation will be a real issue. This thing sees desert time but its not going to get bashed through huge whoops. Small to medium at best (not for miles at a time) with rocky dirt roads thrown in. Maybe other ideas to combat this? I’m going to try to keep some more weight back there like tools and shit. Throwing the wife back there results in annoying squeals that no one can deal with.

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