Is Clean - Dezert Dead?

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Tres Cuatro Tacos
Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
In for both!

I think the first time I met a lot of the still-active members was the Barstow clean up a few years ago. Good times!
And there was that one kid with the Jaeger that drove the 3 shock explorer...what ever happened to him?


Well-known member
Jan 31, 2005
I'm always down to clean up the desert. I feel like I clean up more after other people than I do myself. The level of dgaf these days is unreal.
Ditto. My kids go for walks in the morning and I make them pick up trash on those walks. Last trip out I hauled a load from our site to the dumpster because it was a busy weekend so we had few sites to pick from and the only good one was buried in burnt chairs and bottles and cans. So first hour was spent gathering it all into my truck just so we can camp there.

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