JF GMC "El Diamante Negro" Build

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Jun 2, 2008
Hemet, CA
Well, the time has come to start a build thread on my truck since it has come a long way since we started building it.

Here are some specs...

It is an 04 with the 5.3L V8 with about 80,000 miles on it.
It has a 4l60e trans which was rebuilt back in February and the rear end was re-geared back in 09 with 4:10 gears.

Front Suspension
We are running a custom built JFab 5.5" over kit that is strapped at 22" of travel with 2.5" x 12" King coilover shocks.
We converted the steering over to swing-set (about 2 months ago)
(Still need to get some bumpstops for the front and a cab cage as well. )
We are also running 2.0 BMS hubs on the front.

Rear Suspension
JFab custom 4-link bumped and strapped at 30" of travel with 2.5" x 16" King coilovers.
Stock rear end for now, hoping to upgrade to a full-floater soon.
Custom built aluminum fuel cell.
Also running loaner Sway Away bumpstops off of the husband's F1.

We are changing up the rear tube work right now so I will post pics of that once that's all done.

Here are some pics of what we've done/built along the way...

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Jun 2, 2008
Hemet, CA
love this truck, cant wait to see ryans truck done too!

i really like the huck photo, looks bitchin in the air
Thanks! Yeah I can't wait for his truck to be done either. 2.5 years is way too long. We want to make another run to Lucern when we get done working on my truck. We put a little over 200 dirt miles on it the last trip and the rear hangers broke off at the frame, so we are adding more tubing and storage right now.

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