KOH TT race meet up??

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Mar 23, 2015
San Clemente, CA
Watching that yota and Luke McMillan take wins in their classes were definitely highlights of my trip.

And to all you first time KOH-ers, I hope you got a chance to check out back door “after hours.” It’s like watching a real life fail compilation, trucks rolled over bouncing rev limiter while two groups of drunk guys brawl next to a Jeep with massive speakers ratchet strapped to the roof blasting 2 live crew and spectators on the side of the hill throwing dildos and launching off mortars into the crowd. It’s a complete shit show..

Ha. Saw your jeep out there. My first time also. SO STOKED I did not bring my trailer. Leaving was insane. I just loaded the bike and drove out through the desert until I hit another road. Took that to the highway/road and was good to go, MY buddy sat in the line with his trailer for 45 minutes and did not move at all. He ended up turning around and just going back to camp to sit there the rest of the day
My cousin was towing a trailer and got stuck in that line for over an hour Friday night, then got stuck behind a head on collision on the highway. I did the same as you and blitzed a couple trails in my 4Runner until I hit the road and avoided the whole mess


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Jan 31, 2005
I went to Chocolate thunder at night. It was awesome. Everything you said with everyone rolling their Yotas and jeeps over. The one guy crying because his e cab Yota rolled and it was his "Dailey". Some dick shot a mortar about 5 feet from us. Loudest thing I have heard in a LONG time. Luckily some idiots left and left a fire and wood behind so we were set for the night.

Had a blast

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