My Single Cab Ranger Hooptie

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Jan 7, 2014
Pomona, CA
Got bored, & decided to do a quick "build" thread for anyone out there that cares to check it out,

Started out stone stock, I saved every penny I could & bought the truck new from HB ford when I was 15.

after rolling around stock for about 2 years, I went down & talked to Carlos down at Camburg & his truck instantly became my inspiration, now I'm stuck in the never ending snowball. Thanks carlos! :D

Anyways... this is how she sits currently:


2011 XLT Ranger
2.3l automatic
Disk brakes all around
33"x12.5"x15 BFG A/t's
15x7 method standards


Camburg 5.5, still rockin' bilstien 5100's :rolleyes:
Hiemed steering upgrade
Glassworks 3"
Front bumper, (3) Hella 4000
(4) hella super-tone horns


Ranger 8.8 / 4.56 gears
Deaver F-31 leaf springs
Kartek drop hanger & custom shackle combo (built by Jay @ WideOpenCustomz)
King 2.5 x 16" smooth bodies
Full bedcage, kept the stock bed
Stock pulled & trimmed bedsides
Strapped at 16"


Beard bucket seats on stock sliders
GGlighting 50" curved "G3" led bar
Flowmaster exhaust dumped infront of the axle
HF floor Jack & DMZ skid mounted in the bed
Two military ammo cans bolted to the bed for storage
Dual stand up spares
Camburg transmission X-member

Pictures of the slow progress along the way:

What's next:

Shock / suspension upgrade in the front ??
bump stops
Cab cage, 5-points, mount center console
Wire up rear dust lights
Momo steering wheel (extra gnar factor)
Maybe a race radio / intercom eventually
Convert Hellas to HID
maybe a 4 liter some day...

Well, that's about it! Hope someone out there enjoys, I'll try to update as it goes if anyone shows interest, thanks for looking!


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Senior Member
Jan 7, 2014
Pomona, CA
thanks a lot guys! Yes, Carlos' truck has been a big inspiration, I've yet to see another built single cab that I like.

I want to find the perfect balance between built & DD'able. The goal is to get it as built as possible while still keeping it fun to DD, yet still able to go play around in the dirt some when I can find the time to get out there.. :rolleyes:


Senior Member
Jan 7, 2014
Pomona, CA
How does the 2.3 push those 33s I have almost exactly same build as you but I'm running 31s thinking about upgrading
It does fine with 33", I like it much better than when it had 31". Not like it ever had much power anyways.. still good on gas, I just got 300 miles out of a tank of gas regular driving about half street, half freeway

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