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ucd baja

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Dec 16, 2008
Plainfield, CA
Xjmike, some friends and I went out for a snow run this weekend to Bowman Lake. Super fun and the weather was perfect.

We couldn’t resist the jeep pose, Papa Smurf, Dora, Caitlin(dodge w/tranny issues) killed it up there!! I had the ignition module go out on my HEI ignition system, it’s the only GM/Chevy part on my jeep other than the column....and that’s what went out.....coincidence....I think not! I carry 2 spares now since it’s not the first time it has happened.

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Jul 3, 2013
Picked this up on the weekend. 2013 Mitsubishi Challenger (Montero Sport) 2.5 turbo diesel auto. It's mint, proper mint not Frieburger RK style mint. Got a lot of goodies as well, factory rear locker, bullbar, 9500lb winch with synthetic rope, 2" lift with rear air bags plus all the comfy stuff like leather, electric seats and nav. Will do the job as a mallrunner.
Nice ride. That bumper looks tough! I suggest that you get a more aggressive set of tires.


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Oct 16, 2010
colfax, ca
Few of us from norcal went to Fordyce this weekend. My 73 courier didn't skip a beat as usual. Fordyce creek was flowing higher than I've ever seen it at 310 CFM but we hit all 3 crossings anyway. 2 were done at night so we only got vids of the first one hit during the day. The second crossing completely submerged my motor which was a bit crazy but we made it through.

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Nice ride. That bumper looks tough! I suggest that you get a more aggressive set of tires.
Missed this, bumper will do the job. Although if/when a kangaroo takes it out I'll get an ARB. And yes the tires were replaced, those ones were the orginal ones dated 2012!
Now running stock sized Yokohama Geolander G015 ATs,

Took it up to the hills around me a few months ago:
Found one of my intercooler hoses, it's a turbo diesel, split so I had to get a replacement pipe kit:

Bigger intercooler, bigger turbo, exhaust, ECU remap, snorkel and airbox tube are on the want list.
And different rear springs, mine are way too hard to the point it lifts the rear wheels off road.
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