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Mar 29, 2017
I finished 96.69% of the tig welding on the floating backhalf today.

Total time: 5 hours
Time spent grinding tungsten: 20 minutes
(I made sure to add extra tungsten to all my welds to get that extra alloying effect and bump up the rockwell hardness...)
Natty lights: 8
Time spent pissing in the yard: 8 minutes
1/16” ER70S-2 tig rods: 14
1/16” Silicon Bronze rods: 1

Silly silicon bronze action. Stoked that the visible holes in the cab all came out good enough to tig directly to the tubes.

The weld on the right side needs a cover pass—it Looks shoddy because I’m shitty and I had a significant gapgapgap-a-roo to fill.

Mar 29, 2017
Mean temperature in my shop: 38 degrees
Hours: 12
Coors Banquets: 8
Snacks: Cheez-Its
Fires extinguished around window seals: 5
Dimple died holes: 52
Materials for cage-to-cab tie-ins: 0.050” and 0.060” sheet metal
Materials for rear frame horns: 1/8” HR plate and 3/16x2” cold rolled flat bar(might be 4130, who knows....)
Abrasive cost: Merit 1”x1” 1/4” shank mounted flap wheels: 2 X $4.78, 3M 2” aluminum oxide quick change discs 5 X $1.56. Total = $17.36


Used the Harbor Freight 4 Amp Heavy Duty Shears to cut these babies out. The shears do a great job on gentle contours. Smaller radii done on bandsaw with 1/4” 14/18T diemaster blade. Drilled 1.5” holes with a carbide tipped hole saw and the 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” holes with a step drill.

Welded them up after about 1.5 hours of paint removal with an air angle grinder and 2” red 3M Scotchbrite pads. I also used a straight air die grinder with 120grit Merit mounted flap wheel chingaderas for paint removal.

Welded the stock A-pillar sheet metal directly to the 1.75” A-pillar cage tube:

Then glued this baby in with mig to the factory sheet metal and silly silicon bronze to the tube that is in the line-of-sight. I would rather look at semi-pretty tig welds...

Rear frame horns started with 3/16x2” bar:

Then sexed them up with some dimples and semi-decent mig welds:

And BrobrobroBrent rebuilt the rear bypasses. I don’t think he enjoyed that experience...

Comp: 15 stack
Rebound : 10 stack

Mar 29, 2017
curious why so much work on frame horns... when you are gonnna cut that shit off anyway??
Valid question!

Here is my reasoning:

1. It may be a few years before this truck gets linked.

2. I don’t want to look at an ugly frame horn abortion for the next few years.

3. Dimple dies, step drills, carbide tipped 1.5” hole saw, and my Enerpac air over hydraulic press were hot, lubed up, and ready for insertion.

4. I like platework, drilling holes, and dimpling holes.

I started by adding top and bottom plates:

Then Brent made a quickie cardboard template by pressing a pizza box against the rusty top an bottom closeout plates.

Overall, plasma cutting the 2X side plates, drilling 3 holes(I sandwiched the plates and drilled them at the same time), dimpling 6 holes, and welding probably took 1.5 hours.
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