Quieting down bypasses

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Oct 4, 2016
Has anyone ever removed the uniball from the upper mount of bypasses in favor of a poly bushing to cut down on noise resonating through the cage? Curious how well this would actually work and if there is any long term testing with this style of mount. I know a bushing will likely wear quicker than a uniball but seeing as most of us drive on road as much as offroad, I don't see a problem unless you're in a dedicated race vehicle where you wouldn't give 2 shits about bypasses clicking :) . I haven't installed bypasses in my truck yet, just trying to solve a problem that isn't there LOL


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Oct 4, 2016
Like this?

View attachment 209585

I originally did this on My Toyota years ago. Made a huge difference. Went from hammer banging on the cage right over your head loud to somebody tapping on the frame outside loud.
Yup! Exactly like that. How long did you run them for? I found Energy Suspension bushings that fit almost perfect in my Fox 2.5 3 tubes. Part number 9.9107, those look very similar. I think as long as the bushing is well lubricated and the sleeve is longer than the bushing itself so you can achieve proper torque on it without crushing the bushing, it will work just fine.
Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
Ditto, have never heard foxes click. Kings definitely. As for the bushing barge shows above. We've been running that style on the upper bypass mount on our race truck since day one and in all honesty, we've NEVER replaced it. I've replaced uniballs on other shock locations of the trucks but that bushing setup has never become loose or worn out looking at all... Granted, I'm sure now it'll fail next time out just cause I said that...


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Jan 31, 2005
I run fox bypasses and they click. Not a big deal. They are inside the cab of the 4runner and it runs through the cage. I am a stickler for noises and honestly not that big a deal to me.


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Feb 14, 2006
Santa Clarita
It drives me nuts. I have the measurements for the poppets in my Kusters and will be remaking them from Delrin and Garolite to see which one is quieter. I've also source long light springs to replace the existing ones with that should have the same seat pressure but a lower spring rate to lower the noise. I almost made two piece upper shock mounts with bushings so the spring slider noise wouldn't transmit through but ran out of room and creativity.

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