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Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
Many of you know me for my singlecab silverado i built. Built my own kit and what not. heres a few pics if nobody recalls it. sold this truck a year ago.

This truck had 7 over custom kit, engine cage, bed cage, 10" saws up front with 4" bumps strapped at 17". rear end had 16" foas, grabbers etc. i honestly wish i kept this truck and linked and caged it. but i sold it and got a 2003 ext cab silverado with a 5.3. I lifted it with spindles and bfg race tires with simulated beadlocks.

I drove a few LT trucks after i sold mine and realized i still had the prerunner bug and wanted to build a full kill prerunner toy vehicle, keeping my new silverado as a DD tow rig.

So in june i picked up this ranger. 95 ext cab with a 4.0 60k orig miles from the original owner. perfect base for what im planning on doing.

I will be building this truck in two stages.

Stage 1-
Giant ms unequal beams with swingset steering
Full bumper to bumper cage out of 1.75 dom with some 1.5 bracing
Fuel cell
4 link
2.5 king C/o 14" for front
2.5 king c/o 16" with 2.5 bypass in rear
bumps all around
fullsize 8.8 rear with 5.13 gears and a spool
17" methods with 35" grabbers
bumpers and dual lay down spares
intercom seats and 5pt harnesses
nice rack of hids on the roof etc
10" glassworks up front and 7" rears
and it will be street legal at this point

Stage 2-
race dash
gps / pumpers
383 with turbo 400 trans
semi floater custom 9" with custom driveline
at this point it will be play only, no windshield, ac, or any street legal necessities

As it sits
i have front end mounted, just need to finish up the radius arm mounts
intercom, seats, harnesses
cab cage is complete
fuel cell with rear end
lower links
rear tube work is started

To have it drivable i need to finish rear tube work and engine cage, bumpers, wheels and tires, and shocks for the most part. as well as plumbing and mounting seats and finish work like that. Truck will be finished by new years with stage 1 complete.

This pic is with a mock up wheel and 33. wheel is very shallow. should be 2" wider per side about

right now im working on rear tube work, c notch, and radius arm mounts. more to come.
Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
why un equal if it will eventually be full play? equal length will handle much better.
because i got unequal giant kit ready to roll for the price that just the heims cost. If i need to in the future i can always go equal length. which is a good possibility when i do my v8 swap. and sure equal length might handle better, however its all in the tuning of the shocks. for example here is a 98 mph barstow main run with unequal beams.

Camburg Racing Chriss Russell - YouTube
Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
yeah no doubt its not just the beams that will make it handle well. just figured since your doing a full cage, v8 and linking why not equal lengths? but you gotta with what you got!
yeah i mean if i decide i need more out of the front end which i probably will in the future i can always upgrade. my main goal right now is to get the suspension/cage work done so i can take it out for new years is the biggest goal in the near future. After most of the fab work is done i can spend time tuning and working out the kinks on things to get the most out of it.

Also i am looking for a auto trans for 4.0 ranger. Must be in perfect working order if anyone has one

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