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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Badass job mounting those bedsides. They looked horrible on that truck prior to you owning them. Still think you need og clip though

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Am I the only one not seeing the bedside mounts ... Looks like they are just sitting on jack stands to me!? And they look a little tilted down in the back(which is normal if you make gap consistent at cab). Droopy side effect doesn't look so bad though. So, try and keep it flatter like it is in this pic.

I swear... if you look at these 10" molds from the side of the truck and stand way back ... if you line up the gap on the front edge of the bedside to the cab so it's even... the back will be tapered down a bit.
Like this \ compared to the lines on door/window

If you want the top of the bedsides to follow the lines of the truck all the way back ... I always ended up having to make a small gap up by window line, and a big gap at the bottom. I swear this 10" mold is fucked in more ways than one. At least that has been my experience with this stupid mold. I think I may go back and just cut the front edge so it's straight on 2ghetto, and maybe G3 too.

Loving the updates and progress, so keep the pictures coming!
Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
Thank you guys for the comments. The bedsides are still just sitting there. I'm about to trim them to fit my spares and such. I will do my best to mount them as straight and with the least amount of droop possible that these things are notorious for.

At this point I am ordering the Howe steering setup. Pump, box and ram assist. Once I get this in I can setup the tie rods and swingers.

I'm about to get my tig welder back from the shop so I can finish up my headers and work on the radius arm mounts.

Also looking at options on my spare setup as far as lifting it. Whether it be an air shock or some sort of actuator.
Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
Thanks Guys, i have no idea ill see how it flows when i fill it up... i ran out of room with other ways to route it without it looking like shit, was kind of my only option. Im still completing things on the truck, i am mounting up the shocks right now and making radius arm mounts. Working on getting the front glass and header panel mounted up. I ran into a small issue with clearance on exhaust so im fixing that as well. The carb is at C&J right now getting re done bigger for this engine. Still have a good amount of work to finish.. some wiring, plumbing, the whole steering system including pump and box & swingers etc needs to be done still. I have quite a few other projects im in the middle of so this truck isnt the first priority. Should be done in plenty of time for season.

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