Sell out and buy a utv?

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Jan 31, 2005
Yes everything is possible. We have a longtravel buggy Manx that is "street legal" grandpa drives it so no issue but throw in some 20yr old kid and the cops would stop you and find out how street legal it really is.


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Mar 21, 2003
Clairemont, CA
I've been wrestling with this question since 2010 when I bought my first RZR S. The idea for me was to purchase something that could get me to the desert with minimal maintenance, and was cheap (thank you to the American finance system!) because I was starting my own company and didn't have time to put in to a prerunner.

For reference I have owned a RZR S, a RZR 1000 and I have now moved on/up to a X3 which is another level of golf cart. This is us in prerunning in San Felipe:

This allows me to ride anywhere (OHV/Baja) at a good pace. I also like the dunes, so this is an easy fit there... It has been upgraded with 35's a cage and a first round of shock tuning. I've only broken one belt (me screwing around) and bent the lower arm, which is super common on the x3's. This thing crushes anything from a medium size whoop and below and corners super hard.

The problem is, i'm $32k in to a golf cart (That's purchase price plus upgrades) and I've definitely had this thing completely stripped down for upgrades/maintenance as many times as I would strip down a truck. All I think about is what I could have done with $32k and a pre-smog truck chassis.

The good:
1) golf carts are fast
2) decently reliable.
3) Can go anywhere with 4wd in any OHV, but limited to OHV's
4) Off the shelf upgrades, online tutorials to help dial in the golf cart and fix any potential issues you run in to.

The bad:
1) They are expensive to purchase (high barrier to entry),
2) Comfort is not the same as a prerunner (sealed cab). Helmet with a pumper is not the same to me.
3) Helmets, I get that they are safer, I just don't like them
4) Front end dive in whoops (causes sea sawing). this is super annoying i'm trying to get rid of it in the Canam, however I'm worried the wheelbase has me limited, this plays in to the comfort complaint on #2
5) Extended trips/prerunning is hard to carry enough fuel, spares etc.
6) Chasing in Baja is very difficult - carrying spares, extra fuel, cannot recover anything bigger than the UTV itself
7) You will want to carry two belts with you at any one time.
8) Rock crawling - sure some will argue with me, however this is my opinion, they are just ok at anything slow.

I am extraordinarily lucky to not have kids and have a pretty good job where I can own the X3 and currently have a truck project in the garage. I believe (my opinion) that prerunners are more fun and can do more over all, and the maintenance difference once both are dialed in is not that much difference. However the initially dialing in of a prerunner is painful and long.

Were it me and I was starting from scratch and could only own one (remember my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it), I would build a Tacoma as the do all vehicle. Used first gen taco "prerunner", 4wd conversion, TC or Camburg front, 62" deavers rear, 2.5" shocks all the way around, stock toyota wheels (forged and cheap) with 35's and lowest gears possible (5.29's for the Taco front diff). Buy everything used, tune it and make it fast and reliable. Go anywhere do anything (yes I would dune this setup). As you build the truck the fab work would begin to match and I'd then upgrade Flaunt style to some lesbian scissor sticks up front and build my own links for the rear. the only real expensive part being the rear axle.

#TooLongDidn't Read Cliff notes: I own a golf cart, but still like prerunners better. More wheelbase/sealed cab (comfort), more capable (rock crawling, truck camping (broverlanding), no OHV limitations, can recover just about anything, prerunning/chasing in Baja is just better.
Sep 7, 2008
Signal Hill
I have both. it really depends on what your trying to do.

If your into racing/prerunning etc a street legal prerunner is badass. Now that im a bit older i dont have much time to just go to the desert every weekend, when i go i make longer trips taking my toy hauler and i throw my sxs inside the back.

If i wanted to haul out my prerunner and my toy hauler i need another buddy with a diesel to tow one of them it just becomes a huge pain in the ass. The amount of time i get to spend in the dirt now i dont want to spend working on a truck all the time and i got tired of missing trips because the truck wasnt ready.

Im still building trucks and have two that im working on right now but realistically SXS are easier and a million times cheaper to maintain and fix.

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