Straight Axle Ranger Build

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Feb 5, 2010
San Diegoish
D-Ranged - The other yellow ranger

finally editing the 1st post. I named it D-Ranged (which I'm sure so has 1500 thousand other people who have or do own a ranger) but I have a woman's name for it to... Dee. 1st post is basically a catchup. still own it, still modifying it, hope you all like it. Holler at me if you have any questions or criticism.

Here is the truck when I bought it after my deployment. Bone stock 94 4.0 5 speed 4x4 1 owner truck.

after a few months, I added a 6" skyjacker lift

then I got a D44 beam set with a full width 9" fo FREE, so I had to put that in. Had no idea what I was doing, didn't change out the mounting brackets or extend the beams. It was basically a 2wd that was terrifying to drive. This was my 1st attempt at fabrication, and I immediately knew I needed help.

I took it to Loftis Motorsports to rip all that shit out and put in a solid axle

A front view with the diff removed but the arms still in place

A pic of the rear

Here is a picture of the new axle that is going in

The coilovers im using. the springs are 300/450

Here is the pic with the front end stripped. All the TTB stuff is gone and out of the way

Front axle mocked up

Arms all tacked together

They still been to be boxed in, but man they look kick ass

next up we did the coilovers. (ps. Look at that droop!)

then steering (spoiler alert, I had to fix this later because the track bar was not at the same angle as the drag link)

then added some plate

then finished up the rear end
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Feb 5, 2010
San Diegoish
We did get the battery relocated to inside the cab (took the rumble seat's place). Truck should be started and running tomorrow. Going out to work on it Wednesday, Thursday, and all day Sunday. Hopefully we will get some good ground covered then...
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