The Mullet

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Mar 29, 2017
This truck needs a go-bag.

Contents should be as follows:

1. 2X mullet wigs, blonde
2. 2X American flag bandanas
3. 2X PBR tallboys
4. Pack of Marlboro 100’s
5. Fingerless mesh gloves
7. 2X ZZ Top concert shirts, sleeves removed
7. Def Leopard cassette tape
8. 2X Cutoff jean shorts
9. 2X pairs Striped white athletic knee socks
10. Ratty cowboy boots


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Dec 11, 2011
near sacramento
The mini bed cage is in, not sure if I’m going to do some small triangle gussets under the bed, or some angled supports from the miter cuts down to the frame. I’m not real confident in that hoop holding up to a lot of frame flex, over time...

Top and bottom shock mounts are on.
Might re-do the brake lines on the rear axle tomorrow. And the 3rd member will get put together Saturday. That should wrap up the rear end.

Short term plans for the front are as follows:
(~1 week)
1. Move or Remove wiper fluid/ coolant reservoir.
2. Relocate the battery to the driver side.
3. Attempt to relocate the air cleaner box to the original battery location with out effecting the smog-ability of the truck.
-Drink beer (coors light, just to stay in character with the build)
5. super bad ass shock hoops that stick out of the hood ~5” (less if possible)
6. Clean up and plate frame rails.
7. Try to maintain a low ride height with the
Coilover mounting locations.
8. Sit back and admire that I made plans to achieve 8 things and only actually achieved 2 of them.

Miscellaneous things completed:
-cleaned interior.
-Changed pass. Side headlight assembly.
-cut out the front leaf spring mount.
- cut out the (1) shock hoop up front that was only partially welded to the frame, the other tube was just floating. (Lol)
- drank beer

Other notable events:
-Bought 3 pitman arms, one of which fit on the gear box.
-Spent 2 hours at the parts store testing every pitman arm they had from 1980-present, ranger, E-150, f-350 and everything in between.
-found one that fit the gear box, but didn’t fit the tie rod.
-had said pitman machined to accept the tie rod.
- grand total spent for one stock ford ranger pitman arm ~$180

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Dec 11, 2011
near sacramento
So much room for coilover activities

Rotated the outter intake tube 180 degrees and it looks like, after some trimming, I should be able to mount it in the original battery location just as planned. With an OEM appearance.

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