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Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
Using a splitter like you're saying will let both audio sources play at the same time, I believe what crazy racer is trying to do is have a device that will only allow one audio source at a time through the speakers, and one (the radio) will override the other (music).

What WrightRacing is saying is it that it isn't necessary to cut one of the signals to hear the other. This may be true for the most part. But guys c'mon let's shoot for perfection! Cut(or dim) the signal we don't need and hear the one we do (like the VOX intercom system does)

I ordered a Y cable to see what it sounds like. Should be here Saturday. Gotta start somewhere :)
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Dec 16, 2008
Plainfield, CA
Just an FYI, I was in need of a new battery and antenna for an old Vertex Standard handheld radio and stumbled across Antenna Farm ( they pretty much have all the same radios and accesories Rugged and PCI sell but you just have to program them yourself. I know everyone have their favorite company and I don't want to get into that but replacement antennas, mounts, cables, etc. they seem to have a wider selection, good prices and answered all my questions when I called in. As for the replacement battery I got it from Cut Rate Batteries ( for what seemend like a good deal and they had tons of accessories for handhelds too.


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Jan 18, 2006
Fullerton, CA
Resurrecting an old thread due to a new issue. I am currently running a Kenwood TK-730 along with a Rugged 660 Intercom with their jumper cable that uses the 15 pin molex on the back of the kenwood. When using the headsets everything works as it should. My issue is i'd like to be able to use the kenwood without the headsets as well (i.e. talking shit while driving on the highway).


1) No RX audio from kenwood while connected to intercom.
2) Mic is disabled while connected to intercom

Possible Solutions:

1) add a 6-9 jumper (old plug has 9-12 jumper but rugged uses pin 12) (also not sure how to get the mic to work)
2) connect intercom to the trucks stereo system using the Aux cord (not sure which audio gets passed through this connection, or how to get mic to work)
3) Rugged suggested creating my own cable that plugs into the Mic port on the front of the radio to connect to the intercom, then swap cables when not using intercom... (least favorite option thus far)
4) get the race mod done on the radio ($100?)

From this list, only solution I see that accomplishes everything is a race mod. Any other suggestions/thoughts?

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