triple spring rate???

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TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
The triple rate would only be the 83.3lbs until top spring is compressed. then it jumps up to same as the dual rate. Then if you hit stop the single bottom spring rate.


Mega Member
Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
I ran that and higher with a single coil over and it was as smooth as butter on small stuff. Granted, that was not on a traditional pyramid stack. (I ran and loved the rate plate set up on a single 2.5 SAW coil over.)

What I am getting at is... you are going to need a decent amount of pressure to combat piston plunge in a coil over... that is... if you want valving stiff enough to take any decent hits.

And yea. More springs in series = SOFTER initial rate!

I ran 350/450. (12 over 16 on my 14 coil over) Dual rate stops set as stiff as possible. Not "2" above" spring like people just say.

I took everything apart and used spring collar, etc to set it perfectly on the bench. I put it just a cunt hair over the block height that Eibach gave me for that spring.

Honestly, I felt like the spring rate only helped with long time delay events... like big roller g-outs where you are compressing slowly for a long time.

In any case... I think we all agree the problems stated above are not spring related. CharlieBrown (Aka Chris, right??) Tear that thing apart and do it yourself! It's fun.


Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Easton, KS
Running 300+ will not really effect the ride quality. It will create a little more seal stiction but you will never feel it.

Third spring is a tender spring and in coil bind at ride height. It should not be figured into the spring rate.

Running more oil in your resi so the pressure ramps up as you compress the shock really works wonders.

Feb 14, 2002
so cal
i always felt like running more pressure in my shocks would make my truck ride way better... and i could tell a difference... or maybe i was retarded.

anywho my old ranger i ran 300/400 springs... when it was 350/450 it was too stiff... i feel like if its too soft dont mess with with springs, stick to valving like others have said. if you dont have a bypass... well it will be your new best friend.


Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
There must be some other factors at play here that you guys are considering that I'm ignoring perhaps.

gas pressure translates directly to a force that the shock has to overcome to even get moving. Generally, the higher that number is, the stiffer your ride feels.
I can appreciate that maybe once you factor all the *other* stuff in like weights, flutter stacks, and other general valving tricks then it could be negligible for our trucks.
I would guess most of us are running higher pressures to combat cavitation for the big hits anyway.


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Mar 16, 2011
man i love shock talk. in my silverado (single 2.5 coilover up front) the valving was so gnarly that we had to run 300 psi so that the oil would have enough pressure on it to not cavitate. at least i think thats what kevin told me. i had to up grade to race series resis to handle it but it worked pretty good for what i did!
Aug 10, 2004
wow, lots of response. sorry if i dont respond back to each person.

dropped shocks off sunday at trents place (RSP shocks) should get a sheet with whats in them and what changes he is doing. should be back up before the 4 day weekend (for me).

I will leave the current spring set up 450/300....with the 4" 25lb tender.

at full drop the 25lb tender spring is extended about a inch so i guess i am running a 1" negative preload.

i do that to get a bit of a lower ride height. thats why i was thinking of upping my spring rate but run 2 shorter uppers. say like 500 16" then a 8" 300 or 350, then a 4" 150. the 150 would be in coil bind at ride height. but i will wait till see how valving goes.

i was getting new parts to rebuild the back half (going bigger on the fuel cell and a wider floater) but i think i will move to the front project sometime after the 500 this year. will go with a 3.0 16" shock and set it up with more bump.

some numbers as i was checking it out.
total travel : 18 1/2
bump is 8 1/2
drop is 10

side note: should air bumps be fully compressed with just the weight of the truck? i would not think so but mine are. maybe needs more pressure. they are 2 1/2" with 225 psi.



Senior Member
Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
you may also try more oil and less pressure in the bumps. Barge had me do that on my rig and it made for a nice progressive bump that wasnt harsh the moment they hit but would slow the ass end down fast before full bottom out. i only run 50psi in them but oil is completely topped off with the bump completely compressed. the bumps are at a 1:1 ratio with my rear axle though.

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