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    Default 03 Silverado Long travel CV

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD gas(6L) 4x4 and I am designing long travel suspension for it. I am going to make custom spindles and make it about 4 inches wider per side in the front than stock and run 35" tires.
    Im using the stock front differential.
    I am going to run 934 plunging CV inner joints and either going with a 934 non plunging outer or a stock Chevy HD outer cv joint.

    If I go with a stock HD outer joint does anyone know some that makes some axles with 33 (934cv) splines on one side and 41 (HD cv) on the other?

    If I go with 934 non plunging outer joint does anyone know where I can get a 33 spline stub axle that would fit in a chevy HD hub and bolt up to a 934 cv joint?

    I am planning on machining a adapter to bolt the 934 inner cv joint to the differential stock stub axles but if anyone knows where I can that let me know.
    Let me know if anyone has a better or easier solution for front drive axles to hook up to a chevy 2500HD with long travel suspension.

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    Looks like a call to RCV Performance might be your best bet.


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    Did you find anything out on this? Cause I'm in the process on putting a long travel kit on my 1500 4x4 and I'm planning on running the 934 immersed with the factory 2500 outers. My friend said he knows a shop that will custom make the axels for us but if anybody specializes in those, that would be better.

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