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    Default Doing Your Own Alignment?

    Ive been told you can do it on your own in your garage. Being that i dont have 100 dollars to throw at an alignment for a little bit of positive camber, what are my options on doing it myself? Easy to do? Special tools needed? Any and all advice is welcomed. Thanks DR!
    Its on 1993 Expo with ttbs.
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    A fairly flat floor helps as a starting point.

    I would recomend getting a couple pieces of 1/2" plate and at min 4 steel rods. Set the plates on the rods and put under the wheels so that they can roll side to side. This helps relieve any bind the tires put on the TTB.

    For setting castor it's a bit harder to accomplish. Camber you just need something flat to across the outside rim lip and with an angle finder you can guage the camber.

    To set toe just measure front and back to a common tread block. The farthest away from the spindle works. Larger the tire Diameter the more accurate you'll be. I set mine to about 1/16-1/8 Toe in.
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    I got the alignment done on my 4.5 over beams for about $40 from brake masters. I tried doing it on my own and got close but got tired of it pulling to the left plus I told them the specs that Dave gave me and they set it up.
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    sight the camber, and set the toe 1/8'' total in and call it a day

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