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    We have some questions regaring the wiring on the DL7 specific to the ECU, C4, and Motor. I have no idea, and didn't put together the questions together, so bare with me.

    1995 Ford Ranger 4.0 OHV / C4: previously A4LD

    1. Regarding the C4 and the ECU. Is there a transmission position sensor wire or sensor (ECU and or C4)?

    1A.How do we achieve a neutral safety position on the C4 utilizing the Stock ECU.

    2.Does the stock ODB II sensor (from the ECU) need to be connected to anything?

    3. Do we need to fool the "Crank enable to 3 position clutch switch" wire (from the ECU) with any polarity?

    4. Do we need to use the "Starter Solenoid" wire from the ECU

    5., Do we need to fool the "Clutch Position switch wire from the ECU with any polarity?

    6. Do we need to get the ECU re-burned?

    7. Is DLAB ever going to get this Mother F%#$@ing truck running?

    Thanks in advance.


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    check out that link lots of good info

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    Thanks for the link no name. Anyone else have feedback?

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    The only thing i did as far as wiring goes when I swapped to the c4 was splice a couple wires in regards to the neutral safety switch.
    Two blue/red wires from the switch on the tranny to a pink and blue/red wire on the existing harness. That switch also has a couple wires running off of it for the back up lights but I just ditched those...
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    Call JuanCo, you can contact him threw Fiberwerx. He knows C4's and 4.0's better than anyone else in the buisness. He also knows a thing or two about wiring.

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