93 Single Cab Ranger

Ryan Weaver

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Apr 10, 2013
SD (Santee)
Whats up guys i'm Ryan, been on here for a while now and always hoped to start a build thread on my truck sometime but needed something to start it with. So here i am while my trucks getting a front end!

First ill start off with some info on it:
1993 Ford Ranger XLT Single Cab
4.0 OHV / 5 Speed Manual
Got it around 2014 with 110k on it, has 159k on it now.

Love driving the truck, the manual is super fun and the 4.0 is just right (for right now bahaha). I DD it, but ive grown to love the single cab haha

At the time when i got the truck it had regular tires on it, then when it finally needed tires my mechanic dad took it to work one day and came home with the truck like this with these tires on it hahaha

Some time went by, i saved up and got 5 brand new 31x10.5x15 KO2s and 5 brand new pro comp rims that are just some basic steelies. Also did a coil spacer in the front to level out the front, got some window tint to get rid of the fishbowl.

Shortly after, i mounted the full size matching spare tire in the bed with a 3 point strap. Got a box mounted to the bed that holds a full size jack, shovel, all fluids for the truck, and a bag of tools. Also my "trunk" Single cab life!!!! Had christian make me a dust light mount for the bed, got that all wired up along with a basic ebay light bar in the front.

Changed ALL the fluids on the truck which had never been done, painted the 8.8 and did a new seal and all 12 point hardware. Just made sure it was mechanically sound for a trip from San Diego to Ocotillo!

Got a fire extinguisher mounted in the cab, 2 in the bed, and ended up buying a radio for the truck so i could talk to everyone at least. Id say after all that, getting an MPI steering wheel and a disconnect made the truck pretty fun to drive in the desert for the time being! Never left me stranded and has always ran great.

Think that pretty much sums up all the stock talk to start off another ford ranger build thread lol!

Ryan Weaver

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Apr 10, 2013
SD (Santee)
I accumulated a pretty decent parts pile over the last year and a half in preparation for christian to start building the front of the truck sometime around the first of 2019. Heres the parts i had sitting when it time to rip into the truck.

Everything is brand new besides the camburg beams and radius arms along with the weird trans crossmember and radius arm mounts.

Autofab Hood
Advanced Fiberglass / Glassworks 4.5 inch fenders
Autofab fender mounts
14 inch 2.5 King shocks with adjuster resis
2x2 King bumpstops
Camburg 4.5 beams
Camburg? radius arms
Random trans crossmember with janky radius arm mounts
Autofab beam mounts for passenger and driver
Ruffstuff heims for all the beams, radius arms, and single swing set steering
Napa ball joints
Redline performance gas hood strut lifters
Autofab hood pins
Timken wheel bearings and seals all around
Powerstop remanufactured stock dual piston calipers
Rotors and pads
Corner lights
4 33x10.5xR15 ko2's
Autofab limit straps
Drop pitman arm for swingset steering
New power steering box

Couple days before dropping the truck off we got the beams and radius arms all prepped and plated along with getting the radius arm mounts prepped

Cutting out some beam plates

Plating in the radius arms, if theyre camburg they're super old but not sure. they work tho haha

Radius arm mounts

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Ryan Weaver

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Apr 10, 2013
SD (Santee)
All of the fabrication on this truck is done by christianewing / Vital Designs!

Weld washers on the passenger side beam mount

Got the coil buckets and everything all plasma cut off the frame and cleaned up, got the beam mounts on

We got the whole entire front of the truck off down to the frame within the first day of it on jack stands. From this point on, it's christian doing all the fabrication and sending me pictures and me snapping the occasional one when i'm there!

Trans crossmember and radius arm mounts all in and painted with Steel - It

Got the cheese grater frame all covered up with 10 gauge for a smooth look and strength. Also hung the beams and was messing with the droop and bump
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