MF 84-95.5 2wd Yota kit

This will be a redesigned kit of my first one. I haven't had a chance to mock up my original kit with the 4x4 spindles yet, so once I do that, I will decide if the new kit will keep the same geometry or not. Here are some photos of the original kit:

The kit cycled 18" at 6" wider per side with the 2wd spindles. The new kit will be the same width. It will run upper and lower uniballs, heim-mounted uppers, boxed lowers, 4130 tube uppers, forward-strut, and full steering (which will be included with the kit once I start selling them).

So far I have torn down the front end and got the frame plated. Tomorrow I will get the kit mocked up and then input everything into SolidWorks (assuming I want to keep the same geometry as my original kit).

This build should move along very quickly. We hope to have the truck out testing within a month or so.

More tomorrow.

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Well yesterday was a wasted day. I went out to start mocking up and figured out that I'm going to be building an entirely new kit. The bad part was I plug in my chop saw and nothing happens. It's completely dead. I'm going to pick up a new one tomorrow and have the mock up kit done with the 4wd spindles.

On a side note, I measured my old kit and it was 7.5" wider per side! I never had stock arms to measure off of, which is why I just shot for a certain track width with that kit. I'm going to shorten up the new kit to 5.5" or 6". This should bring the track width into about 78" with the 2wd spindles and about 83" with the 4wd spindles. More updates tomorrow.


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