MF build: '93 Chevy 1500

The truck will get a full 2" DOM cage. The rear will have Deaver leafs with 2.5" Kings and will have a fuel cell. Jose (the owner) is going to run a Trailer Products one piece and I'm going to do a tube core support. The truck will run 37s. As far as the front end goes, it will be my econo-race kit. The lowers will pivot on uniballs, the uppers on heims, full steering, 6" over per side, and set up for in-line coil-over and bypass. This kit will run a modified 4x4 Toyota spindle. The full-race kit will run a fully-fabricated spindle. I haven't started the mock-up yet, but I'm guessing it will have about 18" of travel. I'm not going to start the front end until everything from the cab-back is close to complete. Jose plans to race the truck. So far, I have about a week into the truck, including cutting the old cage out.

Tomorrow I should get the rear section of the cab cage done and have the rest (minus seat mounts and door bars) by the weekend.
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Thanks for the comments. I think he will run the stock drive train until something happens. I didn't get as much done as I planned today, but tomorrow I should get the rear section done and possibly started on the roof tubes. I'm still shooting for cab cage completion this weekend.


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