my navajo build


Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
Not criticizing at all!!! Just thinking outloud... Wonder how it's going to handle/react with that long of an overhang and the tire weight being that far back on a short wheelbase? How's the 2 door expo wheelbase vs standard cab shortbed ranger? I've never honestly noticed... Always assumed they're close and just can't picture that much of an overhang on the rangers. Will be neat to see how this ends up!


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2005
elcentro CA
That was the reason for chopping the frame, longer wheelbase. I extended it to 124.5 wheelbase vs the stock which was 104 I believe. You can see axle placement significantly farther back. I am going to be running 4 door glass with some trimming and fiberglass work done. I also have a donar cab that I will be using to stretch back window. It will more or less resemble the back window of a bronco

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