weldwerx 4wd cut and turn beams exchange program


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Oct 30, 2009
lake havasu city ,AZ
these are d28, d35 and d44 beams cut and turned for 4 inch lifts they alow you to lift you your truck while getting your front end back into spec with out using drop brackets witch tremendously heps your center ground clearance these are also going to come with a original owner lifetime warenty to the modified area so if for what ever reason it breaks i will replace it with a new beam if it cant be fixed :eek: price is set to 250 per exchange with a lifetime warranty cmon guys it doesent get any better

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May 14, 2006
west Texas
i hate to be "that guy" but trigger welding on suspension parts is not a smart thing to do. it doesn't have the penetration and your spacing isn't ideal for trigger welding (if its to be used). on the sides of the radius arm plates its not a problem but that's about it. id suggest you try your hand a running a continuous bead.
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