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  1. zachwabbit

    Mild ‘89 Bronco 2 for sale or partial trade

    Putting a feeler ad out for my beloved factory 2wd B2. Long story short, my girl has a 98k original mile 2000 4Runner she wants to put money into, and I need to buy more parts for my F150, so if that’s all gonna happen the B2’s gotta go. Located in east county San Diego. Here’s the rundown...
  2. zachwabbit

    Smurfette the 2wd B2

    Had this thing close to a couple years and a lot has changed but soon I’ll finally be starting on setting it up the way I’ve always wanted. Bought it nearly bone stock to commute from Jamul to San Marcos 5 days a week for school, so my initial plans for it were far different than they are now...