02 RM85 4 Sale Or Trade.... Does not run....

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Aug 10, 2008
West LA
02 RM85 4 Sale Or Trade.$600. Does not run....

I have a
2002 Suzuki RM85 with Pro Curcuit pipe & silencer/tag XE bars/looks like the suspension was done at one point i got the bike in a trade for my girlfriend but then got her a 125 so i did nothing to it or with it! I've never heard it run nor did i ever make the effort1 It does not run and is in decent shape from what i can see IT NEEDS tires/clutch cable/chain/bars/grips/clutch lever/front fork seals.. There is tape on the spark plug boot... The plastics are good and the frame is straight, PINK IN HAND.

I'm looking to trade for an IPAD, Mac Laptop, Imac, Mac Mini, PC Laptop/Desktop, Digital SLR camera, Full Suspension Mountain Bike, I-phone 3GS 32G, Paintball Marker Such as Ego/Etek/DM8/DM9/Geo/Angel A1, Car touchscreen NAV double DIN, A KLX 110, A Miller Welder, JMR Air/Hydraulic Bender Or Lets hear what you've got.


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805 longdongtravel no bumps or straps needed just
Apr 19, 2020
Why are all the ads up from years ago? I dont underatand does this site ever update? Im looking for a bike like this

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