1968 Ford F250 1400 Type Have Fun Truck Build

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Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Atlas are pretty much aluminum case 205's. Just 30# lighter. You can get all sorts of upgraydd's for the 205. You can get different high and low ratios.

I would recommend a outrigger support like the 78-80 Broncos had. They are heavy enough to crack the tailshaft housing.
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TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Santa Maria, CA
Well I got my Ameribrade belt sander assembled today and am blown away at how well it is built and works. Also I used code TURBOYOTA69 on their website to get $200 off which always make pulling the trigger on another tool much easier.

Anyways I got my pass seat mounts figured out and done today. Floor pan isn't installed so there is some spots where I need to push that tight against the tubes before welding BUT i am going to do my exhaust mounts and weld the rad arm and link pivots on with it removed since seeing everything will be much easier. Looks the same as the other side BUT i have a bit more room without a t-case on the passenger side. Firewall has a little less room but their feet just sit there and don't need to operate a couple pedals so it doesn't matter still comfortable to sit in.
20210611_180946 pass seat mount rear outer.jpg
20210611_180942 pass seat mounts 2.jpg
20210611_180937 pass seat mounts.jpg

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