1968 Ford F250 1400 Type Have Fun Truck Build

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TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Lucerne Valley, CA
Yeah that's one thing I hated on my tacoma. Mounting it was easy but I always wish I had it on hinges. Now I just need to design some hood hinges that allow the hood to swing UP and OUT to clear the front edge of the cowl and back edge of the hood. I believe if I put the hinge pivot close to the top of the cowl it will be good but tomorrow I will report back with my findings. Also going to make it super sick with some little gas struts to help me open it and hold it open as well as some nice aero catch hood latches on the front for that stealth look.


Senior Member
Feb 1, 2008
Skip to 12:00. This one may not work if you need to go out first, but pretty simple. I did something similar on my 67 camaro waaay back.

Saw another vid recently where they show a more complicated hinge, but I forget who it was.


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