1993 ranger rebuild

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Jun 4, 2006
On our 1450 ranger (250 RWHP) we ran 35 spline Currie axles and got about 600-800 race miles before they broke. After 2 axles we upgraded to a Camburg full float and been happy ever sense.


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Mar 16, 2011
cheaper yes and no. theyre about the same cost, but if i buy a 4l80 i can sell my fully built c4 to recoup some of the cost.
the power loss wont be much as the c4 robs a ton as well, any difference can be made up with gears since ill have overdrive i can gear it much higher. im only at 5.0 right now. personally, id happily give up 10-20 hp for a 4th gear hahahah.

my interests are starting to sway a little. when i built the truck i wanted a toy i could trailer out and beat the shit out of. but now i find myself much more interested in doing long trails which sometimes result in long highway rides home. those tired/hungover rides on the highway will be much better with overdrive.
i guess you can say im an overlander now

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