1995 bronco prerunner

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Jul 24, 2012
Canyone Lake
1995 bronco
408w forged scat internals balanced etc,
E4od punisher valve body, and b&m deep oil pan (never seen it above 160)
Cbr oil cooler and trans cooler
Motor dyno and tuned 265rwhp 315 tq. New upper and lower intake will get it to 300 easy. Stock upper and lower on it currently.
Bossnia headers and y wipe, with 3” exhaust that goes over frame and out fender. Has a dynomatt 20”x8” muffler to keep this as quite as possible.
Has in tank ford racing 255lph fuel pump with easy access panel for in the desert swaps.
Full msd ignition. 6al with rev limiter, street fire coil, and msd distributor.
4” intake tubing with 90mm Lightning Maf to a ump filter. Has optima yellow top battery.
Front end is 6 over with a 14” 2.5 king coilovers with 2.0 2” bump stop. Dual limit straps at 18”. 4.88 gearing with truetrac bolt in stub shaft.
Rear is a 64 spring under set up with a custom 13.5” shackle on a Dana 35 spindle with Delrin bushing to help with sway, 14” king 3.0 race series two tube bypass and 2.0 4” locked bumps. 3” notch in frame pulling 18” (can swap out to longer shock to get more travel, leaf separation begins at 22” and the drive shaft plunge is 1.25” total throughout travel)
Driveshaft is custom high angle(45*) 1350 ujoint, made by Jesse at high angle driveline
Axle pulled back 3” from factory to get wheelbase to 109” with giant 64 front hangers.
Now it has a ford 9” right now. Last trip it started howling due to I swapped a 1350 yoke on it and I’m sure the lash is wrong. So that needs to be addressed. Has wilwood super light calipers
All 5/8 studs all four corners.
Has 2” dom cab cage set up for 4 bucket seats. Billet seat sliders.
Only two prp daily driver buckets installed with prp harnesses
Has aluminum dash wrapped, with all autometer gauges, lowrance gps(randomly shutting off and on), ads hoon handle. Four person intercom with headsets, set up for race radio using handheld. Has a electric kill switch wires to ignition and battery. (Currently needs new master cylinder which I’ve been back and forth on going with another stock one or go electric due to the low vacuum with motors cam choice)
Truck is 90% done. Next upgrade I wanted to do was a full floater, one piece flip up hood. Paint. Two back seats and finish the rear Upholstry.
Has heater and ac. Ac just needs to be charged and vents in cab need to be plumbed.
17” trailready bead locks. 5 of them. Have 8 37” wrangler mtr. Two brand new still and others still have plenty of life

20k . No rush to sell and I’ll continue to build it until I either want to keep it or it sells.
If interested comment on here with your number and I’ll get to you or DM me on Instagram itzensign. Reason for no number is I work night shift and my sleep schedule is wack.


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